Here the journey begins — I decided to start learning to code!

So here the journey begins.

I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to document my learning journey to delve into the world of coding.


There are so many intrinsic and extrinsic reasons. But most importantly, I want to —

  1. wake up every morning feeling excited about challenging myself
  2. prove that a girl post-formal-education with a full-time job can still learn on her own — fast
  3. a human brain is a wonderful thing to be wasted

And many more …

And why blogging? I heard if an employer look at two people’s resume with the same qualifications. One blogs regularly and one doesn’t, they would be more inclined to hire the one who blogs. OK. fair argument. Basically if you do more, you win … very shocking, right?

Now, how am I going to learn?

A bit of a background, I studied international education policy as my major at graduate school, and now work at an international development firm. My daily projects mainly deal with policy research and data analysis. I have no idea about HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rail(s?), or anything. But i know, as a beginner, it’s so much easier to stick to a path, when that path is well laid out in front of you.

That’s when I stumbled upon the Odin Project. TOP is a website that contains a comprehensive curriculum on front-end web development. I’m intrigued by it because it tells you clearly the expectation — you’re expected to spend at least 1,000+ hrs on it, after which, you can also expect to be “hirable” as a junior web developer. Very appealing right? Besides, unlike a lot of the popular bootcamps that require intensive trainings on site, this one hosts all resources online, allows you to study at your own pace, and most importantly, it’s free.

Now the interesting question is, do I want to be a web developer? 

I don’t know!! I do know that I’m currently also intrigued by the topic of UX design, and have found a great resource at Their online workshop model seems appealing with a reasonable price of $499/mo for 2-3 months, which provides a weekly mentoring session. But I’ve also discovered that they’ve curated a 100+hr online course on UX design for free, so I’m going cheap for now!

OK, any action plan?

I figured I could spend endless hours researching and debating which career path I would eventually want to choose (the rational side of me also researched the average salary of both the web developers and UX designers, both of which seem preeeety high, so the $$ side doesn’t help to tilt the balance).

OK, so the irrational/emotional (?) side of me figures, I love challenges anyway, just like I would always leave my favorite snacks to the very end to eat when buried in a pile of snacks as a kid, I would plunge myself into this deep, indecipherable ocean of coding first. When I look at job descriptions on, or, most UX job descriptions require some command for  HTML/CSS anyway. So that won’t hurt right?


Easy, I’m hoping to document my learning journey on this blog, and share what I will have learned, how I will have grown, and anything I will have discovered along the way.






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