First day – learning HTML and CSS

So I spent about an hour and a half with my first real lesson on HTML and CSS in a Barnes&Noble cafe today, and although there were multiple times I felt utterly confused, in the end I made so much progress! It’s incredible that I was able to grasp the basics of HTML, and know what CSS is all about for the first time (adding style to your webpage in an efficient way). It’s pretty cool seeing what your code turns into — this mock-up of a CatPhotoApp — very empowering to feel that you can MAKE something on your own by coding.


Although I loved the overall interactive design of FCC, I felt like there were places where they could have done a better job of explaining some nuances to absolute beginners.For example, it’s really through trial-and-error that I learnt when to add a “.” after your style tag, and when not. I think my biggest lesson learnt is, when you’re stuck, simply move on to the next lesson.  That way you’ll be able to see what the correct codes should have been for where you got stuck.

Can’t wait to learn more!


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