I discovered FreeCodeCamp!

So I didn’t code yesterday … was working from home all day so decided to go to Whole Foods to get grocery and cook instead … Turned out I met John Kerry on my way out, and that was a nice compensation for not having stimulation from coding for one night … !

Then after getting back home today, I started the first real introduction of Web Development on the Odin Project, but then lo and behold, it points me out to yet another awesome blog about a woman’s story of getting a job in tech 5 months into learning to code … that’s pretty inspiring and awesome!

I poked around her site and discovered one site she said she was using to brush up on certain skills, and that site immediately became my new favorite — FreeCodeCamp. It was indeed love at first sight for the following reasons —

  1. The website lays out how many hours it requires to earn each certificate — about 1200hrs for 3 certificates to become a full-stack developer, then another 800hrs for building projects for non-profits. I love embarking on a journey when there are clear benchmarks, instead of getting lost in the forest not knowing that I’m actually half way there.
  2. It’s mission-driven. The site claims that it teaches you skills for free and you in turn help out non-profits and save them $$ — a win-win. I love that it has a clear path, and that it has a community-serving purpose. As a professional in the non-profit world, that’s always a mission close to my heart.
  3. The site has awesome reviews on its Facebook page. After seeing the almost full score more than 120 reviews leave on the page, most with glowing comments about its usefulness, I’m sold.
  4. The camp is HIGHLY interactive. After I joined the site, I started the challenge and was prompted to do mini-challenges. After just a few minutes, I’ve created my first GitHub account, and even joined their online chatroom. The links and prompts make it super easy to get things done.
  5. The site has a strong community feel to it. After I started the introduction, I was prompted to join its chatroom, and was instructed to type in “hello world”, and some intro of why I joined the site. As I type in my intro, people are already tagging me and saying welcome, and telling me how great a learning resource the site has been for them. I feel like I’m back in high school, when I was chatting with strangers from all over the country, feeling extremely connected to the space outside of my room. Love it.

I just completed the intro, and the plan is to start the HTML section over the weekend. At this early stage my idea of what resource I’ll use as my main learning hub changes on a literally daily basis. But it seems now I’ve come across THE right site, and am excited for the real challenge.




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