Day 2 – “happy happy joy joy”

An online survey shows that 80% (ok, I made up this number)of the young professionals surveyed said the biggest hindrance to professional development is the lack of time.

It’s true. Tonight when I got home from a dinner gathering, it’s already 8:30pm. After some meaningless scrolling on social media and shower, it’s already 9:30 and my mind was going slooooooow.

But i already set an intention this morning to dedicate an hour to learning anyway, so I sat down in front of my desk, and clicked on that bookmarked link.

Time flew by … but it’s almost 10:30, and looking back I’ve made some decent progress —

  • learned how to nest elements
  • learned how to add checkbox, radio buttons, text input and forms on a website
  • learned how to set a “dead link”
  • learned how to set default choices and placeholder text
  • learned how to force users to submit data

I love how FreeCodeCamp break the learning into mini 3-4min sessions, you feel like you’re eating some chips, one piece at a time, and without knowing, you’ve finished the whole can of Pringles! But instead of guilt, you feel the joy of learning.

Btw, when I finished one of the mini sessions, the site congratulated me with “happy happy joy joy”, pretty fitting, ha!


OK, time for bed …

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