Day 3 – From Wholefoods to lifestyle design

When you set an intention to achieve something, sometimes you feel like the whole universe is pulling force around you to help get you succeed, or at least … inspired.

After a dentist appointment at 8am this morning, I suddenly wanted to get some muesli rounds I’ve been OBSESSED with lately from Whole Foods. I know there’s one near the metro station, but just as I was pulling up my phone, the screen went black. The phone died. AT. EIGHT. AM. IN.THE.MORNING.

I quickly made a mental note to myself — never play with my phone before bed because one should charge it instead — then decided to try my luck. As I was stopping at a red light at the crosswalk, I saw a woman standing besides me so asked if she knew where Whole Foods was. She said, “yes, its just two blocks away. In fact I’m headed that way so I can show you when we get there.” She had a soft-spoken, caring voice that comforted me like my thick scarf against the chilly wind. I liked her immediately.

“So do you work or live around here?” I asked.
“Oh, I live around here. I’m a mom of a ten-year-old and an eight-year-old, so I haven’t worked for eight years.”

“wow, that’s such a nice luxury! I wish I could have a flexible lifestyle like that.”

“Yeah it’s pretty nice. Although it can be hard sometimes. Like right now I’m trying to work 10 hrs a week, and I feel I have to get used to sitting in front of a desk all over again!”

I told her that my goal is to have a flexible work schedule — being able to work anytime, anywhere. I also told her that vision also led me to learn programming recently. She said — “yeah, it’s pretty interesting. When in school, we are only thinking about getting a job. We never think of the kind of lifestyle we want that comes with a job.

I agreed with her adamantly, as I reached Whole Foods and waved her goodbye. I love the idea about lifestyle design, that maybe we should design our lifestyle first, then choose our profession based off of it.

That also makes me wonder — how fluid can our lifestyle be? how fluid can our professions be?

Fast forward, as I got home tonight from a colleague’s bday happy hour, it’s already pretty late. My mind numb with alcohol, I didn’t feel particularly inspired to learn coding … But after some procrastination I opened the bookmarked link at 10:30pm anyway, and spent about 40 min coding. As I looked at the course navigation, it surprised me that I was almost at the end of the 5hr HTML/CSS course.

I’m looking forward to another muesli round tomorrow morning, and another round of coding.



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