Day 4 – I finished the HTML/CSS lesson!

It’s another looooong day at work but we finally finished our report. When I got home bleary-eyed, I felt soooo tempted to just crash and watch tv shows ALL night.

Which I did. for the first half the night.

Then I started coding again, and half an hour later, I realized I’ve finished the entire 5-hr lesson on HTML/CSS since I started! Wow, every small step feels so doable, and looking back I feel like I’ve just completed an amazing 5k race!


While I progressed, I was worried that I would forget things I learned from days before. Turned out FreeCodeCamp did a wonderful job refreshing your memories on previous codes while teaching you new things. I’m absolutely in love with it! More interestingly, as I started coding, I thought I would be tired quickly, having worked intensely all day. However, I discovered that I felt more relaxed and refreshed as I was dissecting, analyzing and remembering my codes. Much more so compared with how I felt after an hour of TV shows. Is it crazy to think that an hour of coding might cause more relaxation than an hour of Netflix?

Maybe learning challenges are to our brains like what exercises are to our bodies. The more we work them, the more refreshed and rejuvenated they will feel!

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