Day 17 – Devil is in the details & Page 3 of Personal Portfolio Page

Today I built page 3 of my portfolio page.

I encountered so many roadblocks, and many of them in the tiniest things. How come I can’t change the color of the h4 tag? (turns out text-color vs color makes a difference) How do I get rid of the underline of the a tag? How come I can’t put the h tag in the next column?

The last question took me the longest time, I made sure I used the grid system, and some texts was supposed to be the second column … ah … ! That drove me crazy, and I was scratching all over my head trying to figure it out.

Turned out, instead of class=”col-md-6″, i put something like class-“col-md-6”. Of course it won’t work!

Again the devil is in the details. Coding really taught me how to be exact on the small things.

Anyway, couldn’t believe I spent 2 hrs on a friday night coding. Now I think I finally earned me some legitimate youtube video hours!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 10.58.46 PM

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