Day 18 – 25 Finished the Portfolio Page, and started Javascript

I haven’t blogged last week, but I’ve tried to spend a few hours here and there — a bit more consistently, and today, I finally finished the 10hr “Basic Javascript” session, and started “object-oriented programming”.

I’ve definitely been tempted by social media more than once – after all it’s only a new tab away. But last night (a sunday night), I’ve also resisted the temptation and coded for more than 2 hrs.

I was literally lost in problem-solving. I wanted to figure out the solution by myself so bad, I kept googling, staring at my codes, drawing out the logic …

It reminded me of my love for maths when I was in middle school. Just the pure joy of problem-solving.

Googling the answer might have been more efficient, but then that would’ve ruined the fun.

And after making more mistakes than I could have, I understood the right solution so much better.

Having a goal also helps – I want to finish “Basic Algorithm Scripting” by the end of May!

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